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Yoga Stretch for Crossfit - 2016.08.13

I proposed a yoga-inspired class, as many of the athletes knew I am a yoga teacher and have commented on my abilities to move and flow. They were seeking help with their own flexibility and mobility, as well as muscular relief between WODs. This lead to the birth of a once-weekly Industrial Stretch class -- and starting with the offering on 2016.08.13, I will share the 45 minute sequence here. So read away - and then come back often!


Quads, ankles. & feet:

  • Thunderbolt -> kneel with the tops of your feet and shins togehter on the floor, and thighs as close together as is comfortable, and sit back on your heels.

  • Remain for 60 - 90 seconds

  • Thunderbolt with toe squat -> from the kneeling position, curl your toes under spreading the toes and stretching along the ball and bottom of your foot. Lean forward on your hands to support yourself, or alternatively, you can sit back on your heels with the toes curled under.

Starting on the right side - complete the following poses. Then repeat the sequence on the left side:

  • Toe work -> using your hands, spread the big toe apart from the second toe, and then the second toe from the third, and so on. Then work from the pinky toe back to the big toe. Repeat 4 more times.

  • Toe speaders -> with your palm on the bottom of your foot, bring your fingers between your toes, bringing the fingers as close to the webbing of the feet.

  • Ankle circles -> with your fingers still between your toes, circle the ankles 5-10 times in each direction.

  • Supine Pigeon (aka Figure 4) -> lying on your back, bend the left knee and bring the foot to the floor. Cross your right ankle across the top of the left thigh, and flex your foot. Allow the right hip to slowly begin to open and the thigh to roll away from the torso. Allow the backs of the hips to track toward the floor, and work toward a neutral pelvis.

  • Crossed Legged Supine Twist -> Cross the right leg fully over the left. Bring the arms out to the sides in a T-shape or low V-shape. Allow both knees to come to the left side into the twist, paying attention to the hips stacking.

Chest Openers & Shoulder Stretches

From a seated position of your choice:

  • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down -> With arms in a T-position, length the arms in opposing directions. Point the thumbs up and then rotate the arm/shoulder forward, so the thumbs point down.

  • Self-Hug Stretch -> Hug yourself with the right arm stacked on top of the left. Bring your fingers toward each other on your back, sitting up tall. Hold for 15 - 30 seconds. Unwind, and cross left arm over right, reaching your fingers toward each other. Hold for 15 - 30 seconds. Repeat each side 4 more times.

Hips & Hamstrings

Starting on the right side - complete the following poses. Then repeat the sequence on the left side.

  • 90 degree low lunge -> With the left knee, shin and top of the foot on the floor, stand on the knee forming 1st 90 degree angle. Bring the right foot forward with the knee bent, forming the 2nd 90 degree angle. Lengthen the left quad by drawing the left shin toward the fall, and standing as tall as possible. Remain here for 90 - 120 seconds.

  • Low lunge -> Bring the right foot forward, leaving the 2 90 degree angles, and stretching the hip flexor of the left leg. Be aware of the pelvis, and work toward its neutrality. Hands can frame the right foot, or rest on top of the right thigh. Hold this shape for 90 - 12- seconds.

  • 1/2 split -> Move the hips toward the left heel, lengthening the right leg long. Balance on the right heel, and flex the toes toward the knee. Continue to lengthen the right leg - you may wish to place a bolster or a block under your right buttock. Framing the right leg with your hands, tip from the hip and fold forward over the leg. Remain here for 90 - 120 seconds.

  • Low Lunge with twist -> Return to the low lunge. Bring both hands to the top of the right thigh. Bring the left arm to the outside of right thigh, and the right hand to the sacrum. On an inhale, lengthen in the spine, and on the exhale twist from the belly toward the right side.

  • Hands-down Crescent Lunge -> Releasing the twist. Curl the back toes and left the left knee off the floor. Lengthen out through the left heel. Offer attention to the hips and pelvis, working towards balance and neutrality. Frame the right foot with the hands and left hips away from the floor, engaging both thighs and core to support you. Hold this shape for 90 - 120 seconds.

  • Pyramid pose -> From the Crescent Lunge, move the left foot in. Slowly straighten the right leg. Bring the torso parallel with the floor (if hands reach the floor, they may remain there OR bring hands to the hips). Offer attention to the hips and pelvis, working towards balance and neutrality. Remain here for 90 - 120 seconds.

After completing the left side, bring the feet together into a standing forward fold. Step the feet out just wider than the hips and sit into a squat. Come down into a seat with the knees bent and feet on the floor. Roll down onto your back with the knees remaining bent and feet on the floor. Arms rest comfortably by your sides.

Rest here for 5 or more minutes. Eyes closed is always nice.

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