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I am learning the beauty is in the messy bits.  Cultivating peace, joy, healing, & acceptance is the practice.  Integration - mind, body, and spirit - is the adventure.  You have your journey and I have mine.  Take my hand and we can walk together. 

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Hello.  Welcome.  I'm Rebecca Anne, aka Becky.  I'm a Rhode Island-based student of life with a little yoga teacher, project manager, home cook, reader, and passport stamp collector tossed into the mix.  

A little more about me:  A classic “perfectionist," Yoga has taught me to cultivate a softness and compassion in my approach to myself, life and relationships, and to slow down in the midst of everyday busy-ness allowing a sense of possibility to seep in.  As you get to know me, you will find my personality to be filled with warmth and humor.  Laughter and spontaneous dancing cures many an ill.  

My kitchen is also a refuge where cooking and baking is my creative outlet.  I cook, not only for myself, but for anyone who comes to join.  Food is nourishment for the soul and brings people together for community.  It gives me no greater pleasure than to welcome friends and family to the table, or share what I am cooking for others to consider making themselves. 

You are likely to find me, on any given day, exploring a local farmer’s market, trying to get myself through bootcamp class, trying my hand at growing a small kitchen garden, burrowed between the pages of a book, writing what strikes me, or at the beach…in any season.


In the Yoga world, I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Cathy Cesario of Spirit Tree Yoga & Healing Practices in May 2013, and was the teaching assistant for a second 200-hour teacher training  between September 2014 and May 2015.   In October 2019, I completed my 300-hour training experience with Linda Sparrowe, Jenn Thomas, and Usha Billotta of the Bhavana School of Yoga hosted at All That Matters.   My additional continuing learning has most heavily focused on anatomy, biomechanics, and the art of teaching with Ed Cardinal, Alex Crow, and Coral Brown.  


I offer mainly Hatha-style with a sprinkling of Vinyasa, mantra, mediation and pranayama. In my teaching, I share what I have found or what I am exploring to help students cultivate the ability to relax into the physical postures, spend time with the breath, and introduce the components of yoga that have helped enrich me. 

Join me in exploring All the Beautiful Messy Bits this life has to offer.  



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Rhode Island, USA


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