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Beyond the mat: Good vibrations with an exhale

While two very different songs, Good Vibrations from The Beach Boys and from Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch are both among my list of singing-real-loud-with-the-windows-rolled-down songs. The songs, and the singing and dancing that coincide, just remind you to let your hair down and be grateful to be alive.

I often feel this sense of gratitude when I am on the beach, particularly at sunset or around a full moon. We are near to this month's full moon, and I was lucky enough to catch the moonshine over the ocean last night.

A reminder to pause and focus a little more on the exhale. Take it all it - and feel the vibration. (Insert the sound of either song here - and ENJOY!)

This is yoga off the mat. The practice of yoga is not all in a studio, on a mat, moving to cues or your own sense. These are aspects of yoga, without a doubt. On a higher, more universal level, yoga is all the moments you pause to breathe, reflect, recognize, appreciate, feel, forgive, love, and simply be. This is the essence of starting, re-starting, or maintaining a practice. Perhaps you will join me in this reminder to practice. Good vibrations with an exhale.

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