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Grounded in Gratitude: 10/2/17

Women are powerful. I'm reading/ listening to a mix of fiction & non-fiction right now - all with female characters and/or authors. 

by Geneen Roth (non-fiction) 

by Brene Brown (non-fiction)

by Martha Hall Kelly (fiction)

I love story & story-telling. I had a wild imagination as a kid - with a German-speaking imaginary friend & all. (Yes, between 4 and about 7 years old, I believed I communicated in German to my imaginary friend. We had great adventures in the woods behind the house.) 

All of these books originate from the stories of people. Shared experience cultivates compassion & understand. Every corner of the world & our beings needs this. Much more of this. 

So today I'm grateful for shared stories that help me work to appreciate myself and others more. You? 

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