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Sunday Stories - 21 February 2021

Sunday Stories - articles, books, podcasts - what stories I am intrigued by and how they relate to me.

Food insecurity is a real threat to the health and wellbeing of so many individuals, neighborhoods and communities. Basic nutrition and water is fundamental to sustaining life and a building block to any access and ability to thrive. The added challenges of the pandemic, on top of significant challenges already, exacerbate this issue further. I could offer the statistics from local food banks and the sociologists studying this, but instead, take 10 minutes and read the above article from Vox about small, yet deeply powerful ways community organizers and bright community-preneurs (my word) bring opportunity to the (literal) streets.

People helping people. People helping reduce waste (thereby helping people & our environment). It’s not complicated - but is complicated at the same time. Love and care for fellow people is simple. Food and nourishment is a basic need. What can we each offer? This is the question to ask - how do I contribute to the betterment of the natural world around me (people and nature all included)?

In the Providence area, I am aware of 3 community fridges (handles point to more information via Instagram)

(If you know of one in the Providence / Rhode Island area - let me know and I will add here).

Invest in small ways - as a meal is not small to a person(s) that is not sure where or when their next may come.

Image in this post is a screen capture of a recent article on Refri PVD from EcoRI News. Thank you to Shauna Ahern’s recent Enough newsletter (free version, as full disclosure I am not a subscriber) for sharing the Vox article.

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