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Sunday Stories - 17 January 2021

Sunday Stories - articles, books, podcasts - what stories I am intrigued by and how they relate to me.

While this article from The NY Times focuses on concerns parents may have about their children, the message about consideration of physical and mental health and well-being as primary is completely relevant and important for people of any age. Body shape and image is complex and it would take much more than this post, and greater expertise than I have, to break down the how’s and why’s. However, in terms of lived experience, I deeply know and fight my own battles every day including with my perceptions & mental stories around how my body has changed in the last year.

The reminder to focus on physical health (exercise, sleep & nutrition) and mental well-being (stress, emotional intelligence) is needed. Life is complex right now - perhaps a long daily walk, time with a journal to write in reflection, or a creative escape with a paint brush or colored pencils. These are the “diets” we need - away from media, in quiet, with nature and ourselves.

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1 Comment

Jan 23, 2021

...are they YOUR mental stories about how your body has changed? or other voices?

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