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Sunday Stories - 24 January 2021

Sunday Stories - articles, books, podcasts - what stories I am intrigued by and how they relate to me.

Poetry and its oratory soared at this Inauguration earlier this week. On the bright windy day, words and the organizer-writers stood boldly but humbly and lifted our attention toward possibility from action and opportunity from resolve.

The poem I found this morning, although not offeeed from the stage in Washington DC, continues the leadership of words - words that lead us forward from the depths of 2020 and into the renaissance of the days to come. (Direct link:

I’ve been a part of a writing group since mid-November. The community has been such a blanket of warmth and creative stimulation. The writing that has flowed out of my pen has been cathartic. Swirls upon swirls of hinderances small and not so small have simply shown up on the page after just a simple prompt. I am mustering the chutzpah to share these personal essays. It’s a scary, vulnerable, exhilarating and brave act to be exposed on the page. But I will do it. I must. Stay tuned.

Until then, thank you to Jericho Brown, author of the poem shared as what I am reading today.

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