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Beyond the mat: All of the "re"s

A weekend of "re"s.


This was a purposeful long weekend for me, as I took Friday off from work to spend the

day with two of my girlfriends. We spoiled ourselves and spent the day at the Ocean House to ring in K's "thirty-sexy", which is what she has taken to calling her 36th birthday. Mother Nature blessed us with a warm, clear, and barely breezy spring day. We enjoyed a service (or two for some) in the spa - had lunch overlooking the ocean and the view of Block Island - lounged / snoozed / chatted / read in the reading room - and walked the beach until the sunset.


Spring has fully arrived to Rhode Island now. The trees are budding, the daffodils swaying in the breeze, windows being thrown open to air out the confines of winter, and streets and parks filling with people enjoying the warm, clear air. It is the burst of renewal that the spring season inevitably always brings. It is pure and simple joy. It is renewal for the spirit and body after winter's hibernation and deep rest.


Since it was a three-day weekend, there is a greater ease to Sunday. To add to it, it is Easter and a day for lunch with my family. I could move at my own pace - even with a place to be - I was able to take my time. I arrange flowers. I could enjoy the drive from here to there, not thinking of a to do list or planning the next "thing". I could come home, plant and trim, and help prepare our outdoor space for upcoming nights of grilling, chilling, and enjoying the night air.


Since I was out enjoying the spring days and nights, I made less time for cooking this weekend for the week ahead. This is why I am grateful I have, in previous weekends, cooked extra and tucked it away in the freezer. I'll be enjoying eggplant caponata with fresh sauce with thanks to my freezer. (Plus the salads made with a mix of kale, beets, carrots, and pea greens from a Saturday farmer's market stop.

All the "re"s - all in one weekend. A weekend of yoga off the mat.

How was your weekend?

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