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Chronicles from My Kitchen - Tomato Jam

Chronicles from My Kitchen - Chez Rebecca Anne - 08/05/20

Tomato jam.    Naturally sweet and juicy when made with fresh cherry tomatoes.  My preferred cherry-style tomato is the sungold variety.  They are small - diameter between a dime and a nickel - and brightly orange/yellow like the golden hour sun.  This year my small kitchen garden has sungold and also blueberry tomato.  The latter was a variety I had never heard of - but that jumped out at me at @thefarmersdaughterri when we were shopping in late spring.  The taste is a different kind of sweet, but not like a blueberry.  The name is from the deep purple blush the tops of the tomatoes have with a more traditional red undertone.  Bottom line - they are delicious.  

So with about a 1 ½ cup of mixed cherry tomatoes (or up to a pint from the farmer’s market perhaps?) - I set about making my first batch of tomato jam.  

Other ingredients

  • 2 - 4 cloves of fresh garlic, minced:

    • I like garlic.  I like roasted garlic even more, so determine how much to mince based on your preferences.  I lean towards more is better in this instance.

  • Good olive oil

    • I would recommend against any kind of flavored olive oil.  I am partial to Spanish olive oil, but really any quality oil will work.  

  • Salt

    • I use kosher salt in this type of recipe.  

  • Pepper

    • I choose a coarse grind.  


  • Heat oven to 225 degrees F

    • I actually use my toaster oven for making this jam since I do it in small batches as the tomatoes ripen on the vine.  However, you could certainly use a traditional oven too.  

  • Cut the tomatoes in halves.  

  • Toss the minced garlic and the tomato halves in olive oil.  

    • True confessions:  I have never measured how much I have used and I have been making versions of this recipe for many years.  My estimates:  At least 2 healthy glugs out of the bottle - and definitely enough to have the tomatoes and garlic well (leaning to over) oiled.  The oil and the tomato juices will help to make the jamminess.  

  • Season with salt and pepper - and it is okay to be a bit liberal here.  

Slow roast the tomato garlic mixture for 1 hour.  Toss the mixture - and if a bit dry, mix in a tbsp more of olive oil. 

Continue roasting for 1 more hour.  The consistency of this jam is chunky.  I cook the mixture up to about 2 ½ hours.  I consider it done when the tomatoes have started to heavily shrivel (aka concentrate in their flavor) and the garlic is roasted / toasted and NOT burnt.  

That is it.  You can store the jam (with all the juices/oil and the garlic) in a covered container in the fridge for about 2 weeks (if it lasts that lo

ng).  I serve it as a spread on sandwiches or with runny eggs.  OR MY BEST IDEA yet on using this jam is on a ABLT (avacado, thick cut bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich with just a light touch of mayo on good sourdough (toasted) bread.  It is rather unbelievably good.  

How will you choose to use your homemade tomato jam?  Leave me a note in the comments to share ideas that I likely haven’t thought about yet.  :)  

Buen provecho.

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