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Grounded in Gratitude: 9/28/17

It was about 10 years ago when I started regularly taking yoga classes at All That Matters. That blossomed into weekly extended workshop-style classes in yogic philosophy & application to the asanas (physical postures) with a teacher with whom I've now spent significant time studying.  The blossoming opened wider in September 2012 when I started my first 200 hour training. I didn't initially endeavor to be a teacher.  Rather, I was simply interested in deepening my exposure, knowledge & practice with a group of like-minded people and with my teacher. Between September 2012 and May 2014, I completed 2 200-hour trainings. I've slowly been teaching (& continuing my learning & practice) ever since. 

Today, after a super sweaty heated class, I am reminded of all I've learned about myself & my connection to my physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.  I am grateful for this & for the tools I'll use to continue learning for all my days. Self-understanding, growth & compassion are truly powerful practices. Not easy to do all the time, but endlessly powerful, nonetheless. 

And you - what are your gratitudes today?

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