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Chez Rebecca Anne: Summer Harvest Hash

Summer often brings an abundance of zucchini to our gardens, CSAs and farmer's markets. For me, this year is no exception. And isn’t this a wonderful problem to have??

Here's how I recently used mine plus a bit of sweet corn (also now in season) & garlic scapes (which is starting to fade from local markets for the year - I happened to have a few leftover...). True confession: I have actually made this twice was that good the first time around. Ingredients: 2 - 3 small to medium zucchini* -> sliced into 1/4” half moon shapes (see first image above) 3 - 4 ears sweet corn** -> cut kernals from the cob (see second image below) 4 -5 garlic scapes*** -> cut into a small chop 1 - 2 tbsp ghee**** Salt & pepper to taste Extra virgin olive oil (optional)

Ingredient Notes: *Zucchini: You could also use patty pan squash, straight or crookneck yellow squash, or any other varietal of summer squash you have or find at the farmer's market. Use what you have that is fresh - that's the key. Thank you to Southside Community Landtrust & the annual Plant sale, where my BF and I bought our yellow squash seedling, and to John at Big Train Farm for the zucchini. **Sweet Corn: I used butter & sugar corn (yellow and white kernel mix), but this recipe would be equally good with all white or all yellow corn. Again, mostly about being fresh and, ideally, local. Thank you to Salisbury Farm via Armory Market with Farm Fresh RI. ***It is getting a bit late for these to be available, so substituting with a sweet onion (I have been getting sweet white Spanish onion variety) would work just as well. If substituting, you might add a clove or two of finely diced garlic. ****My favorite brand is FarmTrue - and they happen to have a garlic scape ghee too. Cooking instructions:

  • Heat a skillet or Dutch oven to medium heat. Add ghee until melted and covering the bottom of the pan.

  • Add garlic scapes (or onion & garlic) and saute until they start to soften (about 3 - 5 minutes).

  • Add zucchini (or other squash) and saute until they start to soften and let out a bit of water (about 5 minutes or so). If needed, because the mixture is dry or sticking to the pan, add 1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. You want the squash, ultimately, to still be al dente, as opposed to super soft and mushy.

  • Add corn and continue to saute another 3 - 5 minutes until the corn softens.

  • Add salt & pepper to taste.

  • Remove from heat and serve. (You could also cool and serve cold).

Serving Suggestions:

I chose to also sear fresh sea scallops in a bit of ghee and serve on top. To sear, add 1 tbsp ghee to a skillet under high heat. Allow the pan to get hot - so if you hover your hand just above the surface of the skillet, you can feel the heat. While the skillet is heating, pat scallops dry and salt/pepper both sides. When ready, add scallops to heated pan and cook for 60 - 90 seconds per side.

The second time around, I added a touch of grated Parmesan cheese before serving, and once again enjoyed with seared scallops. Any fresh (again, ideally local) white fish - fluke, cod, sea bass, bluefish are among a few - would also pair nicely. Salmon might also be lovely too. I'd recommend lightly poaching the fish in a bit of lemon juice and fish stock.

Next time, I am thinking of adding a tablespoon or two of freshly zested lemon immediately before serving.

To make vegetarian, rather than seafood as a protein, you could add cooked white beans at the same time as the corn to allow the beans to heat through and absorb flavor. For a vegan option, use only extra virgin olive oil in place of the ghee. SO MANY OPTIONS!

For me this highlights the bounty and tastes of summer. Enjoy all the beautiful summer tastes!

Buen provecho.

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